This website is a journal that chronicles my design notiations from the course “Machinic Modernity: The Self & The Non-Human” taught by Erik Adigard & Ignacio Valero. Four key topics were covered: Machinic, Modernity, The Non-Human and The Self. Below are the covers for each section, and within each one are all of my notes and visual explorations on that topic. I developed a visual language to help understand and investigate the concepts of machinic modernity and to show my personal interpretations of the assigned texts and related readings. Through my process, I questioned how to connect form to theory and how they can influence and inform each other. I imbued my notations with colors and imagery and I created a unique colored gradient for each topic that I felt represented the subject matter. My explorations show the development of my thinking and my attempt to create interesting, experimental, communicative and engaging visuals that discuss complex concepts and ideas. I will continue questioning what graphic design’s role is in challenging power structures and finding new ways to progress away from and out of the apparatus of neoliberal modernity. The form of this journal is meant to be fluid, without any single specific way to access the parts of it. There are various entry points to view each topic, and viewers can go through the website however they wish. Images can be zoomed in on, moved around, or clicked on to veiw as a slideshow. The landing page is my diagram, which shows a broad overview of the topics, drawing connections and establishing relationships between key terms and related themes. It is a good entry point to see the concepts each topic encapsulates and their commonalities.